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Beard Care Serum

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  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Makes your beard look stronger & thicker.
  • Contains herbal complex, vitamin E and jojoba oil.
  • International Brand of the Year Award.
  • Best Product of the Year Award.
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$40.90 Including Tax


Beard Care Serum

For Stronger and Well-Groomed Beard

Luis Bien Beard Care Serum is specially developed to repair sparse, weak and lifeless beards and give them a healthy and bright appearance. Its content, developed with natural oils, vitamins and natural extracts, helps to maintain the moisture balance by feeding the beard, beard roots and skin under the beard. It promotes bright appearance and rapid growth of beards. With Luis Bien Beard Care Serum, the most effective beard serum with high customer satisfaction, you can achieve strong and thicker beards.

What Does Beard Care Serum Do?

Beard Care Serum helps nourish the beard and mustache roots with the natural extracts, oils and vitamins it contains. The serum, which cares for the beard daily with its nourishing content, provides the moisture balance of the skin and gives the beards a bright and healthy appearance. It nourishes the roots deeply and accelerates the beard growth. It gives your beards a fuller and thicker appearance. For the most effective results, it is recommended to use it with blue beard serum that also provides faster beard formation. Revitalized beard roots begin to grow rapidly growing beards with green serum. For your beard care routine, it is recommended to apply blue serum for 1 day and green serum for 1 day. There is 20 ml product in the box.

Well-Groomed Appearance

Beard Care Serum has been specially developed to contribute to a more groomed and bright look of beards and mustaches.

Herbal Care

Thanks to its completely herbal content, it helps to create a positive effect on the beard and mustache in a short time.

Thick and Long Beards

Accelerates beard and mustache growth.

How to Use?

Make sure that the beard area is dry and clean. Apply a few drops to your beard. Apply by massaging with circular movements. Do not wash your face before making sure that the product is completely absorbed by the skin.


Herbal Complex

It strengthens the beards. It nourishes and revitalizes lifeless and weak beards. It provides new beard formation by stimulating the beard roots. It supports growth of beards.

Vitamin E

It provides you with a healthier beard by providing the vitamin supplement that your beard needs. It regenerates cells and nourishes beards.

Jojoba Oil

It nourishes the beard follicles from root to tip. It provides thicker beard appearance.

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  1. Sofia Gill

    Bought this for my brother due to him constantly complaining of not having enough facial hair. Due to being Filipinos, we tend to stay looking younger than our age. Even though my brother is already in his mid 30’s, he only had facial hair of a teenager, lol. After about a month and a half of using this product, we saw some actual man looking facial hair coming out. This is the second time I have bought this product, My brother is so happy for his “man facial hair”

  2. Ernest Riley

    I love the way this product makes my beard feel. Been using it only for a little while but it makes it feel soft and clean.
    My girlfriend also mentioned how much more groomed my beard looked.

  3. Emilia Taylor

    My husband has always had spotchy hair patches on his face making it frustrating for him to grow a solid beard. He is taking the beard xl capsules too and both of those combined have really helped him achieve a handsome healthy beard! I love it! And it seems to work pretty fast because he’s using it consistently.

  4. Richard Johnston

    Great product ! I tried it recently and it worked so well that I just bought it again. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to fill out their beard.

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What Is Beard Care Serum?

Beard Care Serum is a serum developed for weak, lifeless and sparse beards and mustaches. Thanks to its carefully produced natural ingredients, it deeply cares for the beards and repairs them. It supports the formation of new beard. With regular use, you can get a strong and voluminous beard.

What Does Beard Care Serum Do?

Beard Care Serum nourishes sparse and lifeless beards from root to tip and aims for a strong and vibrant appearance. It supports you to get a bright and voluminous beard by feeding the beard roots. Beard serum nourishes sparse, weak and lifeless beards. It gives a bright and healthy appearance by repairing the beard.

How to Use The Beard Care Serum?

The use of Beard Care Serum is very simple. First, make sure your beard is clean and dry. Then apply the serum to your beard. Make sure that the product is fully spread over your skin and beards by massaging in circular motions. Not washing your face until the serum is completely absorbed will increase the effect of the product.

What Are The Advantages of Beard Care Serum?

By using Beard Care Serum, you will nourish and provide sensitive care for your beard and skin. With regular application, your beard will be saturated with the moisture and vitamins it needs. In this way, you can have a strong and thick beards.

How to Buy The Beard Care Serum?

The most effective way to have a healthy beard is through regular beard care. You can purchase Luis Bien Beard Care Serum via our website, cosmetic stores and pharmacies.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Luis Bien Beard Care Serum has a high customer satisfaction with 99% positive feedback. The serum recommended for regular use has no side effects and harm. Luis Bien products are approved by the Ministry of Health, reliable, dermatologically tested and have no side effects.

How Many Days Does Beard Care Serum Show Effect?

Regular use is recommended to get the best results from the most effective beard care serum, Luis Bien Beard Care Serum. It is recommended to use once a day for the fastest results. The product shows its effect from the first use.

What to Consider When Using Beard Care Serum?

Beard Care Serum is very easy to use. Before use, you need to make sure that your beard is clean and dry. During application, the product should be spread over all your beards and skin. After applying the product, you need to wait until it is completely absorbed.

What Does Beard Serum Users Recommend?

The satisfaction rate of beard serum users is very high. Users who respond positively to the question of whether the beard serum works, recommend beard serum to all gentlemen.

How Long Does The Effect of Beard Care Serum Last?

Beard Care Serum shows its effect from the first use. With regular use, it provides you with a thick and healthy beard. It is recommended to apply every day for the most effective results.