/ Dental Care Kit

Dental Care Kit

  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains activated carbon.
  • Helps prevent dental problems such as yellowing and decay.
  • Cleans the teeth deeply.
  • Prevents bad breath, provides you to have a more comfortable breath.
  • Gives a white and bright appearance to teeth in regular use.
  • International Value Adding Brand Award.
  • Luis Bien products were nomineed for the “Best Product of The Year Award.”
  • Best Customer Experience of The Year Award.

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$46.90 Including Tax


Dental Care Kit

Dental Care Set for Vivid and Bright Smiles

  • Active carbon tooth cleaning powder, activated carbon tooth whitening paste and bamboo toothbrush are included in the set content.
  • Tooth cleaning powder; Thanks to its special formula, it provides deep cleaning of the teeth.
  • It is effective in eliminating problems such as dental plaques and gum ailments.
  • Tooth whitening paste is specially designed for complaints such as yellowing, stains and decay on the teeth.
  • Dental products include Xylitol and Menthol. It will prevent the problem of breath odor by providing freshness.
  • Bamboo toothbrush provides cleaning without damaging teeth and tooth enamel. It reaches hard-to-reach places thanks to its fine hair
  • There is 75 ml Activated Carbon Toothpaste in the box.
  • There is 50 ml Activated Carbon Teeth Powder in the box.

Who Should Use Dental Care Set?

  • Those who have bad breath problem,
  • Those who have complaints of yellowing and decay in their teeth,
  • Those with ailments such as gingival sensitivity and swelling in the gums,
  • Those who want routine protection for better teeth can use this set comfortably.

Healthy Teeth

Provides you to reach white, vibrant and healthy teeth in daily use.

Shining Smile

Thanks to the active carbon it contains, it prevents dental and mouth problems such as yellowing, decay, stain formation.

Whitening Effect

You can have a healthy smile by using activated carbon toothpaste, tooth whitening powder and bamboo toothbrush set.

How to Use?

Toothpaste Usage

    • Take some of the paste on your brush.
    • Brush for 3 minutes
    • At the end of the time, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

Use of Teeth Cleaning Powder

  • Pour the mixture into the wetted toothbrush.
  • Brush for 3 minutes and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water at the end of the time.
  • When the specified application is performed regularly; The positive change in teeth will be noticed in a short time.

Using a Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Get enough toothpaste or powder on your bamboo toothbrush.
  • Brush gently for 3 minutes.
  • Make sure you reach all over your teeth.


Activated Carbon

Activated carbon gives the teeth a pearl appearance with its whitening effect.


It leaves a fresh feeling in the mouth. It prevents bad breath.


It helps cleaning teeth. It prevents rotting.

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What is Dental Care Set?

It is a set suitable for everyone who wants to have white and healthy teeth. It contains activated carbon toothpaste, activated carbon tooth powder and bamboo toothbrush. While the toothpaste does the daily care of the teeth, the tooth powder supports the cleaning of the teeth. Application with a bamboo toothbrush prevents the teeth from being damaged. It is designed for those who want superior dental care at home.

How to Use Dental Care Set?

Apply the toothpaste twice a day in the morning and evening with your bamboo toothbrush. Apply the toothpaste in gentle, circular motions without pressing. Then, clean your teeth using tooth powder once a day.

Does Dental Care Set Work?

The products in the dental care set contain activated carbon. Activated carbon whitens and brightens teeth. In this way, you can have a clean, bright and radiant smile. With regular use, you can get effective results in a short time.

Are Dental Care Set Users Satisfied?

Users of Dental Care Set are very satisfied with our set. It makes a noticeable difference in teeth in a short time. It is a powerful and effective dental care method that can be applied at home. Don't forget to follow Luis Bien social media accounts to review users' comments about the product.