/ Eyebrow Shaper Wax

Eyebrow Shaper Wax

  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Provides you with impressive eyebrows and looks.
  • Creates a natural and well-shaped eyebrow appearance all day long by Easily shaping your eyebrows.
  • Contains castor oil and walnut oil.
  • International Value Adding Brand Award.
  • Luis Bien products were nomineed as The Best Product Of The Year Award.
  • Best Customer Experience of The Year Award.

$40.90 Including Tax

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$40.90 Including Tax


Eyebrow Shaper Wax

Strong And Sharp Looks

  • Get glamorous and sharp looks all day long with eyebrow shaper wax.
  • Shapes your eyebrows and holds them on place during the day.
  • Very easy to use with the eyebrow brush inside.
  • Thanks to its permanent effect throughout the day, there is no need to apply over and over.
  • It provides a natural finishing look with its transparent form.
  • The box contains 50 ml product.

What Does Eyebrow Shaper Wax Do?

  • It helps you easily shape your eyebrows.
  • Stabilizes the eyebrows and provides a flawless eyebrow appearance all day long.
  • It is suitable for use with coloring products such as eyebrow shadow and eyebrow pencil.
  • Nourishes and provides deep care for the eyebrows.

Natural Look

Eyebrow shaping wax gives your eyebrows a natural and flawless appearance.

Permanent Effect

Creates the perfect eyebrow appearance by preserving the shape of your eyebrows all day long.

Easy to Use

You can easily shape your eyebrows by applying a small amount of wax to your eyebrow brush and combing your eyebrows.

How to Use?

Apply to clean skin before applying foundation and concealer. Put a small amount to the brush. Adjust its bendable brush and shape your eyebrows with the help of a brush. You can finish your makeup afterwards.


Castor Oil

Creates a bright and lively brow appearance by nourishing your eyebrows.

Walnut Oil

It nourishes and moisturizes your brow roots and skin. Smoothes the skin under the eyebrows.

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What is Eyebrow Shaper Wax?

After combing your eyebrows, you can get a sharp look with eyebrow shaper wax that keeps them on place throughout the day. By using eyebrow soap, you can keep your eyebrows on shape throughout the day and eliminate the tired look on your face.

What Does Eyebrow Shaper Wax Do?

Apply eyebrow shaping wax before foundation and eyebrow products. In this way, it will hold on to your eyebrows more strongly. Comb and shape your eyebrows with eyebrow wax. Let it dry for a few seconds. Then you can complete your make-up and enjoy the natural look of eyebrow wax. With its permanent effect throughout the day, it will not require re-application during the day.

How Effective Is Eyebrow Shaping Wax?

Eyebrow Shaper Wax shapes your eyebrows. In this way, the shape you give to your eyebrows will be permanent for a long time. After fixing your eyebrows, you can increase the permanence of the product by taking care not to contact with your hand or water.

What is Eyebrow Soap? How to Use Eyebrow Stimulating Soap?

You should put a very small amount of eyebrow fixing soap on your brow brush. Then, by applying it to clean eyebrows, you can give your eyebrows the shape you want and keep them fixed throughout the day.