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Hair Thickener Spray

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  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Gives the hair a thicker and fuller appearance within 30 seconds.
  • Contains Ginseng, Keratin, Green Tea, Fruit Extracts and Aqua.
  • Resistant to water and sweating.
  • International Value Adding Brand Award.
  • Luis Bien products were nomineed for the “Best Product of the Year Award”
  • Best Customer Experience of the Year Award.

$34.90 Including Tax

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$34.90 Including Tax


Hair Thickener Spray

Fuller and Thicker Hair With Hair Thickener Spray

  • Suitable for all hair types with 5 different color options.
  • While filling the sparse and empty areas in the hair, it also provides deep care for the hair thanks to its special content.
  • Thanks to its nanotechnology, it is highly resistant to rain and sweating.
  • Stays on hair all day long.
  • There is 100 ml in the box.

What Does Hair Thickener Spray Do?

Hair Thickener Spray creates a magnetic effect with the static property of natural keratin proteins and silk fibers in its special formula. This magnetic effect allows the product to adhere perfectly to the hair strands. It thickens the hair strands even in the areas where the hair is sparse and makes them look thicker. Natural keratin protein and natural extracts nourish the hair from root to tip, aiming to regenerate and nourish the hair.

Rich Content

Enriched with Ginseng extract and pro-vitamin B5.

Color Options

Suitable for all hair types with 4 different color options.

Easy to Use

Suitable for daily use. Resistant to water and sweating. Comes off easily when washed with shampoo.

How to Use?

  • Make sure your hair is dry before the application.
  • Shake the bottle for a few seconds.
  • Apply a small amount to the desired area from a distance of 10-15 cm with circular movements.
  • Dry your hair with a dryer for 5-10 seconds.
  • Shape your hair with a comb.



Ginseng in the spray content makes the hair look healthy and bright. By keeping the moisture balance of the hair, it helps the hair stay moist and elastic for a long time. It gives the hair a soft and shiny appearance.


It helps repairing burnt, dried and damaged hair types. It creates a shiny and strong hair appearance by renewing the hair strands.

Lemon Peel Oil

Lemon peel oil contributes to the care of hair roots with its refreshing and strengthening effect.

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  1. P

    Hi it is very nice product that was grate I like it this product super cheap and good

  2. Tyler Evans

    Was very sceptical at first… but then my barber added some to my hair one day and I was shocked by how real it looked.! (See photograph) . I can also confirm that everyone including my mum all thought it was real hair. I don’t do many reviews but this product is amazing!

  3. Sean Carter

    I’m so impressed with this product, it really does make a difference to thinning hair!!!

  4. Cohen Black

    All I can say is this stuff is amazing

  5. Joe Newman

    Its a very useful product and keeps the super million hair fibre in place for longer.
    Not sticky, not greasy etc

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What Is Hair Thickener Spray?

Luis Bien Hair Thickener Spray consists of keratin proteins and silk fibers, which are the main ingredients of hair. Thanks to the very thin and micronized fibers in its content, it integrates perfectly with the hair strands. It thickens and plumps sparse hair in seconds. Thus, the hair instantly gains a much thicker, healthier and bright appearance.

What Does Hair Thickener Spray Do?

Stress, which is one of the most important problems of our age, seasonal changes and unbalanced nutrition are the most important factors in hair loss. If you have recently started to have hair loss problems while taking a shower, while combing, or if you are looking for a permanent solution for your hair loss for years, it is useful to try the Hair Thickener Spray.

How to Use?

Apply the spray gently to your hair from a distance of 10-15 cm. Then style your hair. Enjoy thicker hair all day long.

Where Can I Buy?

The best choice to buy the Hair Thickener Spray is Luis Bien. The orders you place on our site are carefully packed and sent to you.

Does Hair Thickener Spray Cause Hair Loss?

Luis Bien Hair Thickener Spray, which has high customer satisfaction, is specially designed for those who have hair loss problems. It nourishes and strengthens the hair while giving the hair a plump appearance. It does not cause hair loss. It eliminates the problem of hair loss.

We share the experiences and images of our customers before and after using Hair Thickener Spray on our social media accounts. You can follow Luis Bien on Instagram, Facebook, Ekşi and Youtube.

Is Hair Thickener Spray Harmful?

The Hair Thickener Spray is dermatologically tested. It does not harm the skin and hair. It nourishes and repairs the skin and hair with its keratin content.
Keratin is a very hard and durable type of protein. The keratin contained in the spray nourishes and strengthens the hair.

Does Hair Thickener Spray Make a Difference for Men and Women?

Hair Thickener Spray is suitable for women and men. There is no difference in its use. It nourishes and repairs while giving the hair a plump appearance. It helps to stop hair loss.

Who Should Use Hair Thickener Spray?

Hair Thickener Spry is suitable for those who have thin and sparse hair, those who have hair loss problems, those who want to have thicker and voluminous hair. It is suitable for both men and women. It creates a bright and healthy hair look in just 30 seconds. It nourishes and strengthens your hair and scalp while staying in your hair all day.

Is It Suitable For Women?

The spray is suitable for both women and men. After using the spray, you can apply any product you wish to your hair. You can blow-dry, comb, and use a straightener. If you wish, you can use hair styling creams and sprays after using the spray.

How Can I View The Reviews of Previous Customers?

You can find our users' reviews on our website and social media accounts.