/ Whitening Cream and Removal Spray Set

Whitening Cream and Removal Spray Set

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Whitening Cream and Removal Spray Set

A Smooth and Porcelain Skin Appearance

Hair Removal Spray removes unwanted hair painlessly in minutes. It softens the skin and creates a bright appearance. It does not cause any sensitivity or irritation during application. It provides you with a flawless appearance without damaging the skin. Skin whitening cream provides removal of spots and dark spots on the skin. In this way, it supports the skin to gain a single color and a flawless appearance. It is possible to achieve a flawless skin appearance with the use of depilatory spray and skin whitening cream together.

What Does Skin Whitening Cream and Hair Removal Spray Set Do?

  • Hair Removal Spray helps you get rid of hair without irritating your skin.
  • Provides long-lasting smoothness by extending the hair growth period.
  • Skin whitening cream helps to lighten the color of the skin.
  • It creates a porcelain skin appearance by providing color equality.
  • There is 50 gr Skin Whitening Cream in the box.
  • There is 100 ml Hair Removal Spray in the box.

Soft and Smooth

It gives the skin a bright and smooth appearance. Provides long lasting silky texture on the skin.

Skin Tone Equality

Provides tone evenness on the skin. Equalizes the color of areas with changes in color tone such as armpits, knees and elbows.

Perfect Appearance

Equalizes skin color while removing unwanted hair on the skin. In this way, it provides a well-groomed and perfect appearance.

How to Use?

Hair Removal Spray;
  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply on clean and dry skin.
  • Spray the hair removal spray so that the hair is completely covered.
  • Let it sit for 4 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. (Don't wait more than 10 minutes)
Skin Whitening Cream;
  • Clean your skin before applying.
  • Apply the product in a thin layer.
  • Wait for the cream to be absorbed by the skin.
  • You can apply twice a day in the morning and evening.



It removes skin blemishes. It is effective in equalizing the color of the skin.

Ascorbic Acid

It increases the collagen level in the skin. It accelerates cell regeneration. It protects the skin with its antioxidant properties.

Citrus Extracts

It helps the hair follicles to weaken and thin.

Vitamin E

It creates a smooth and bright appearance on the skin.

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What Does Skin Whitening Cream and Hair Removal Spray Set Do?

Creates a smooth skin appearance by cleansing the skin from unwanted hair with hair removal spray. It offers a monochromatic and porcelain-looking skin with skin whitening cream that removes blemishes and color inequalities on the skin.

How to Use Skin Whitening Cream and Hair Removal Spray Set?

You can use the hair removal spray as needed. With regular use, hair growth will increase. In this way, your skin stays smooth for a long time. It is recommended to use skin whitening cream regularly twice a day. With regular use, it provides a completely even skin color in a short time.