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Whitening Cream

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  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains Arbutin, Ethyl, Ascorbic Acid.
  • Skin Lightening Cream Helps Equalize Skin’s Color Tone.
  • It is suitable for genital area and armpit darkening.
  • International Value Adding Brand Award.
  • Luis Bien products were nomineed for the “Best Product of The Year Award.”
  • Best Customer Experience of The Year Award.

$35.90 Including Tax

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$35.90 Including Tax


Whitening Cream

Have A Brighter and Smoother Skin

  • It shows effect from the first use.
  • Thanks to its special content, it helps to eliminate the darkness and color tone in the skin.
  • It removes dark skin and blemishes.

What Does Skin Whitening Cream Do?

  • It evens the skin color.
  • It regulates skin color in areas prone to darkening such as armpits, elbows, knees.
  • Provides a brighter and healthier skin color.
  • There is 50 gr product in the box.

Gentle Care

It is very effective for darkening of sensitive skin tissue such as under the arm, elbow, face and private area.

Even Skin Tone

It contributes to the darkness and color tone inequality of the skin.

Healthy and Smooth

It is effective for those who have problems with darkening of their skin.

Use of Skin Whitening Cream

  • Clean your skin before applying.
  • Apply a thin layer to the desired area.
  • Wait until the product is absorbed.
  • You can apply twice a day in the morning and evening.



It is a herbal ingredient that removes skin blemishes. It is effective in equalizing skin color.

Ascorbic Acid

It supports cell regeneration by increasing the level of collagen in the skin. It prevents the formation of wrinkles. Protects the skin with its antioxidant properties

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  1. Amy Fisher

    First of all I just want to say this stuff works I noticed right away a lightnin in the area I applied this which made it look a lot better and there was no negative side effects I’m really happy with the results thank you you’ll be hearing from me again!!

  2. Julia Walker

    I had some dark spots on my skin lately and was looking for a dark spot lightening cream. I have to say this gel does work, I have been using it since few days and already see a difference with it. would definitely recommend if you are struggling with dark spots on your skin.

  3. Kaylee Fisher

    It also moisturizes your skin easily. I used it on my armpit, elbows and knees. I just want to make my skin even.

  4. Katherine George

    You can see the result with first use! Definitely does lighten brown spots and any skin discoloration on any part of the body. I will be ordering again soon.

  5. Michele Byers

    I used the whole jar on my inner thighs.. I see a change. Ordered my second jar so we’ll see if it get lighter

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What Is Skin Whitening Cream Used For?

It is very effective in eliminating uneven skin tones and darkening of the skin. It prevents darkening in areas such as armpits, knee caps, elbows, inner legs, and eliminates existing darkening.

Who Is The Skin Whitening Cream Suitable For?

Skin Whitening Cream is suitable for both men and women. Those with sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind. It provides an even skin tone without damaging the skin. It supports cell regeneration by increasing collagen production in the skin.

How Can I Buy Skin Whitening Cream?

You can easily buy Luis Bien Skin Whitening Cream from the Luis Bien website and stores. Don't forget to follow Luis Bien's social media accounts for customer comments and before-after images.